Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm an association executive on a small budget - help

Just received and request from an association executive who is looking to book a good motivational speaker and he has a small budget. We can help. It's important to have your details, budget and requirements in advance. (Same is true if you are going car or furniture shopping.)

One important thing to remember, if you give the motivational speaker the information you want covered, well in advance, then you have good odds of meeting, or exceeding, your expectations.

Make sure you know the date, time, city, venue, topic you want covered, plus be sure to know the demographics for your audience.

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Frank Candy
American Speakers Bureau

Thursday, July 06, 2006

How Much Advanced Time Is Needed To Book A Professional Speaker?

At meeting planner from Atlanta wants to know: What's the time line for booking a professional keynote speaker...

Virtually, every keynote speaker, motivational speaker and professional speaker is booked months, if not years in advance for events. Don't allow this to discourage you, many bookings happen in under 90 or 60 and even 30 days out.

If it's less than 60 days, we will often label it a "routing date" and special considerations are needed to get your speakers travel plans rearranged and prepare for your event.

In a previous post on in Feb 2006 I discussed lead times and how you can book keynote speakers and seminar leaders. Three things to ad here:

1) The cost could increase because of changing travel schedules and increased ticket costs.

2) It could decrease because you may be able to split the cost of travel with other clients.

3) It never hurts to ask and make offers. As my great teacher told me - "If you don't ask, you already know the answer".

Do you have some thoughts or questions about this trend? Write to us though the American Speakers Bureau website. Or give us a call we always enjoy hearing from you.

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Frank Candy