Monday, February 27, 2006

Trends: Shorter Lead TImes

At American Speakers Bureau, we have been noticing a trend of shorter and shoter lead times to book keynote speakers, motivational speakers, inspirational speakers, business speakers and all the professional speakers. Suzan Bunn, CMP, Executive Director of the Seminole County Convention and Visitors Bureau, told me "This can be a good trend for certain markets, yet a difficult one for other markets. Either way if you are palnning a meeting, what you have to choose from and negotiate will become less and less the longer you wait and experice the shorter lead times."

Karen Segee, CMP, CPCE
from All That and More Special Events in Orlando, Florida said that this trend of sorter lead time can cost more because of the premium travel, specialty employee oursourcing, and certain vendors placing a premium on last minute orders. But the hardest part is all the re-scheduling caused by short lead times.

At American Speakrs Bureau we find it difficult because of the time required to customize a program gets compressed tightly, short lead times usually require costly airline tickets and hotels, plus the extra man hours to process the job can effect our bottom line.

Do you have some thoughts or questions about this trend? Write to us though the American Speakers Bureau website. Or give us a call we always enjoy hearing from you.

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