Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Trends: More Customization By Speakers

In this segment, we will discuss how professional speakers from American Speakers Bureau customize their programs and why clients require it.

For years many speakers have been categorized as a "One Trick Pony" meaning they have one speech or a maybe a couple speeches. This is not a bad thing, as long as it's a great speech... The late, great Ira Hayes once said: It's a lot easier to get a new audience than it is to get a new speech.

Ira was a very smart man. I have witnessed some of the best customizers in the business and it is truly impressive.... and I must admit, I am a bit jaded from being in the business for over 30 years.

One of the worst I ever expereinced was a keynote speaker who believed the speech was customized because he used the associations name in the speech several times. He even had trouble remembering the name and had to keep turning around to read it of the banner hanging on the wall behind him.

The best in the business who do a great job of research and customization are Daniel Burrus, Rick Searfoss, Dr. Story Musgrave, Terry Bowden, Jeff Thredgold, Phl Steffen, Pat Williams, Ross Shafer, Nate Booth and Art Turock.

We base our finding on audience evaluations and consistency of quality and value.

The advantages of a customized program can have far ranging effects for the group.
In one case with the board of directors for a large health care organization, were provided with facts about trends in health care and how to plan and prepare for it.

In different situation a group of independent representative were given solid research done by a reputable consultants firm, on why the sponsors products were the best in the industry, thus reinforcing the message from the company and providing them with the inspiration to work harder.

And in a very unique situation, our speaker of the year award winner, Col. Rick Searfoss, a former NASA Astronaut and now a test pilot for some secret stuff I can reveal here (because i don't know about it... except it is very high level stuff) was hired to give a talk to a group of California investors about the future of space flight.

Here is some more information on Rick:

Former astronaut Rick Searfoss was the Chief Judge for the highly successful and innovative Ansari X Prize competition for a $10 million prize to the first private team to develop and fly a reusable human-carrying spacecraft.

The X Prize Foundation chose Rick for this crucial position because of his combined expertise as a real-world leader and Space Shuttle mission commander, key spokesperson as a noted expert professional speaker on leadership, teamwork, and innovation, and technical expert as an experienced astronaut and test pilot.

Rick continues to stay right in the middle in some of today's most innovative leading-edge projects: Vice President of the Zero Gravity Corporation, XCOR Aerospace Corporation flight test, leader and spokesperson for numerous space entrepreneurial ventures.

These ventures offer the most innovative team-based development projects of the new millennium and are incredible models for nimble, effective, exciting business ideas in all industries. Rick's out-of-this-world presentations are timely, content-rich, exciting the perfect real "right stuff" to launch your next event!

If you would like more information on how people make this happen please contact us by phone listed on our web site or by email, also on the www.speakersbureau.com web site.

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Frank Candy
American Speakers Bureua

Monday, February 27, 2006

Trends: Shorter Lead TImes

At American Speakers Bureau, we have been noticing a trend of shorter and shoter lead times to book keynote speakers, motivational speakers, inspirational speakers, business speakers and all the professional speakers. Suzan Bunn, CMP, Executive Director of the Seminole County Convention and Visitors Bureau, told me "This can be a good trend for certain markets, yet a difficult one for other markets. Either way if you are palnning a meeting, what you have to choose from and negotiate will become less and less the longer you wait and experice the shorter lead times."

Karen Segee, CMP, CPCE
from All That and More Special Events in Orlando, Florida said that this trend of sorter lead time can cost more because of the premium travel, specialty employee oursourcing, and certain vendors placing a premium on last minute orders. But the hardest part is all the re-scheduling caused by short lead times.

At American Speakrs Bureau we find it difficult because of the time required to customize a program gets compressed tightly, short lead times usually require costly airline tickets and hotels, plus the extra man hours to process the job can effect our bottom line.

Do you have some thoughts or questions about this trend? Write to us though the American Speakers Bureau website. Or give us a call we always enjoy hearing from you.

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Frank Candy

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Right Athlete For Your Group.

In the background I am watching the Winter Olympic Games.
How many of these very talented young people who are on the worlds stage today will be on your stage in the future.

One of the best to come out of past Winter Olympics, is Nikki Stone.


We will provide more soon, but for right now rememeber that the adreniline of skiing down a mountain, or racing a car, is about the same as giving a speech in front of a huge audience. When I raced my biggest competitor was myself. By shutting out everybody and everything else, I was able to focus on the moment.

How hard are you focusing today?

Frank Candy
American Speakers Bureau