Sunday, January 15, 2006

I want a professional speaker with something to say

We just had a call (on Saturday) from a client who wants to book a professional, keynote speaker who has something of real value to share with his group.

We book professional speakers and keynote speakers who have great programs that have been tried and tested and very successful for many years.

Sometimes they just have one speech... "Sometimes people have called them, "the one trick pony". If it's a great speech, they can build a whole career on it.

And then there are professional speakers and keynote speakers who customize programs for different industries and different levels of people who are in the audience.

Over the years we have booked motivational speakers who customized their programs to include topics like: teamwork, or team building, customer service, leadership, change, innovation, creativity, marketing, management, negotiations, thinking outside of the box, - you get the idea.

When you want to book a speaker, just don't ask if they customize programs. . .
Ask to what level they customize and if you can see their pre-program questionnaire

You should ask about their experience in your industry such as high0tech, retail, automotive or finance, and then find out what kind or depth they can offer.

Make it Happen

Frank Candy
American Speakers Bureau


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