Tuesday, January 03, 2006

American Speakers Bureau AWARD for Professional Speaker of the Year

American Speakers Bureau AWARD for Professional Speaker of the Year

Professional Speaker Colonel Rick Searfoss has won the coveted International Professional Speaker Of The Year Award by the American Speakers Bureau Corporation in Orlando, Florida. Rick Searfoss was chosen from thousands of professional speakers, motivational speakers, keynote speakers and inspirational speakers.

Colonel Rick Searfoss, has over twenty-five years experience as a leader in some of the most demanding team endeavors possible - human space flight, test flying, and tactical military aviation. Rick has unsurpassed credibility and experience coupled with "out-of-this-world” speaking skills! Since leaving NASA, Rick has become involved in a series of dazzling entrepreneurial ventures with Burt Rutan as the Chief Judge for the highly successful and innovative Ansari X Prize competition for a 10 million dollar prize to the first private team to develop and fly a reusable human-carrying spacecraft. Rick continues to stay right in the middle in some of today's most innovative leading-edge projects: Vice President of the Zero Gravity Corporation, XCOR Aerospace experimental rocket plane test pilot, and as a flight test, leader and spokesperson for numerous space entrepreneurial ventures. Plus he was invited for a guest appearance on Donald Trump’s hit show, The Apprentice.

Each year American Speakers Bureau picks just one professional speaker who has demonstrated the true spirit of leadership and teamwork in our industry.

Rick Searfoss joins a distinguished group of professional speakers who have won this award including, Dr. Nate Booth, (three times) Dr. Johnny Miller, (twice) Mr. Pat Williams, founder of the Orlando Magic Basketball Team, and Astronaut, Dr. Story Musgrave.

Rick is the sixth professional speaker to win this prestigious ward in eleven years. The founder and president of American Speakers Bureau, Mr. Frank Candy said: “Rick Searfoss has demonstrated sophistication, style and professionalism above and beyond all the rest. Rick is a class act a great vision for the future and outstanding wisdom for every level of business people. Rick uses out-of-this-world stories about the right stuff and outstanding delivery skills that move the audience to believe they can achieve anything. Rick is a true American hero and we are honored to give him this great award.”


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