Friday, December 02, 2005

Tools for meeting and event planners to work and communicate with professional speakers and keynote speakers

Professional speakers and keynote speakers use tools for delivering great keynote speeches, workshops and seminars that set them apart from the amateurs I promised to deliver some of the tools I have used for decades.

One of the tools we developed is the extensive preprogram questionnaire. It is safe to say the more time you give a professional speaker to deliver a keynote speech or motivational speech, (Example: 30 minutes vs. 90 minutes) the more time and information you will need to provide and discuss.

One of the valuable experiences I had over the last two decades is serving on boards and committees for Meeting Professionals International, The international Special Event Society, and the Central Florida Society of Association Executives, Florida Society of Association Executives, and many more.

These wonderful experiences gave me valuable insights to the challenges meeting professionals in the corporate and non-profit world face every day. It helped me understand how difficult the their job is and the big risks they take when hiring professional speakers for keynote speeches and trainers for workshops and seminars.

So here are a few statements and questions I use that Make "IT" Happen -

Help me to understand... tell me what you want, and tell me how you want it.

Here is the second one: Help me understand - what do you want the audience to know, and do, and feel, when the speaker is done?

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Frank Candy
American Speakers Bureau®


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