Sunday, December 18, 2005

MAKE IT HAPPEN Professional Speakers Who make a Difference!

Professional Speakers
Who make a Difference!

As the Founder and President of American speakers Bureau, I am asked for advisement at many different levels - from motivational speakers, keynote speakers, inspirational speakers, authors and business speakers. So as requested by Ralph,

I am going to write about optimism.

Before I go further, I must apologize to my readers for "dropping out" for a week. I took a trip to Arizona to visit my good friend, Clay Cotton. Clay has been a dear friend for many years. And he is a very talented web master, musician and a great speaker ... because he speaks from the heart and talks about delivering content rich value. Clay has MS and refuses to use the word disabled.

Clay told me he is "Alterabled"

Clay is far more optimistic than most people I know. My Mom, who is going on 90 years old, is more optimistic than everyone I know. I could give you hundreds of examples of people who are optimistic . . . but the secret combination to optimism is three things. Choosing to believe in it, having the faith that all things will go well, and taking focused action so they do!

That's it. Belief, faith and action. This belief system has served countless people for centuries. This has served me well over the last 30 years, plus as the CEO and President of American Speakers Bureau it has been an invaluable mindset to maintain.

Since 1989 American Speakers Bureau has worked with great keynote speakers, and many of the worlds best motivational speakers, inspirational speakers and many of the finest professional meeting and event planners.

Tomorrow I will reveal more about the "IT" factor.

Make "IT” Happen

Frank Candy
American Speakers Bureau Corporation
Orlando, Florida


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