Tuesday, December 06, 2005

MAKE IT HAPPEN Booking Professional Speakers

As the President of American speakers Bureau, I am constantly asked for advisement at many different levels - from motivational speakers, keynote speakers, inspirational speakers, authors and business speakers. So as requested by Ralph,

I am going to write about ADVISEMENT.

1976 was a good year. It was the first time I was paid as a speaker and a consultant. My grandfathers taught me about a few valuable lessons about consulting and advisement that have served me well over the last 30 years, plus as the CEO and President of American Speakers Bureau it has been invaluable. To sum up their wisdom, it involves listening, gathering information, and presenting it fairly, with optimism and common sense. So it leads me to the question -

What happened to optimism and good sense?

Since 1989 our firm has worked with many of the worlds best motivational speakers, keynote speakers, inspirational speakers and many of the finest professional meeting and event planners. Some of them I met through the Meeting Professionals International, and the National Speakers Association. As I BLOG away, I will refer to them often. We could all learn to be better listeners.

Tomorrow I will address the optimism and common sense issue along with reveal the the "IT" factor is.


Make "IT: Happen

Frank Candy
American Speakers Bureau Corporation
Orlando, Florida


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