Monday, December 05, 2005

MAKE IT HAPPEN Booking Professional Speakers

Ralph from California asks:

How does American Speakers Bureau help us book specific keynote speakers and professional speakers for our unique organization?

At American Speakers Bureau we have booked professional speakers, motivational speakers, keynote speakers, seminar leaders and facilitators for live speeches and on-line programming for many different groups. If you have an organization, company or institution, we will assist you to find just the right person to meet your requirements. We have identified seven critical components of the role of the speaker.

Status: The speaker’s role as the “expert” in the field. Celebrity Status or Marquee Value can be a determining factor.
Astronaut Story Musgrave was a mission specialist on six space shuttle missions.
Astronaut Rick Searfoss had the right stuff and chosen by NASA as Shuttle Commander for two missions and flew on three total missions.
Rocky Bleier played for the Pittsburgh Steelers who won four Super Bowls.
Ross Shaffer won six Emmy Awards for his outstanding work in television.
Lyn St. James, as a race car driver has won the 24 hours at Daytona, the 1992 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of The year (First woman to win.) and a long list of credentials.

The key issue here is all five of these people have achieved greatness, praise and respect of their peers in their fields, but important to you and me… they are outstanding professional speakers and keynote speakers.

There are thousands of people who are less known in the market place who are very good professional speakers, motiational speakers, keynote speakers and inspirational speakers. They just have not acheived the certain things which they have received praise and recognition for. So based on supply and demand, they charge more or less. it's a positioning issue.

Tomorrow we will discuss - Advisement: Knowing what to do and when to do it. Click and Clack the Tappet brothers, aka, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, experts in their field of cars and car repair said: (I am paraphrasing here – I heard it on their radio show.) Information is what you find in the manual. Knowledge means you know how to fix the car. A person with knowledge and experience usually has wisdom. He knows how much to charge because he has a boat payment due.

For this week I will post thoughts about Advisement, application, positioning, accountability, affiliation and techniques… please email your thoughts. Make “IT" happen!

Frank Candy President
American Speakers Bureau®


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