Sunday, November 27, 2005

Booking Professional Speakers - submitted by the EXPERTS

Because it is a holiday weekend, I have seen many old friends and a few distant relatives.

Some of them are doing well, a few are doing great, and some are not doing well. That's putting it mildly. They are overcome by the loss of loved ones and the recent natural disasters in the world.
They are grieving so much; they are missing the beauty around them and the opportunities right in front of them.

I remember a quote from Rose Kennedy, President John Kennedy's mother, who lost her first son Joseph in the war, then her husband, her second son John, and third son Robert, to assassins bullets, and even more unspeakable tragedies with her grandchildren. She said,

"After a natural disaster, like a storm, a hurricane, a flood, or an earthquake, every morning the still birds sing. Why not us?"

We all experience challenges and problems everyday. Some days are better than others.
Some people throw money at problems, others throw resources and yet others waste their health and emotions and grow old before their time.

As a professional speaker, one of my most requested speeches is: Choice, Chance and Change, The challenge For the Future.

In the speech I quote some famous and not so famous people. This is something my grandfather told me almost 50 years ago - it has served me well.

Remember -- it is not the money, it's the ability and the willingness to adapt to change that is the most important asset for the future.


Frank Candy