Tuesday, November 29, 2005

MAKE IT HAPPEN Booking Professional Speakers

Public speakers and professional speakers are asking me: How do corporate and non profit event planners book keynote speakers and professional speakers for their events that require public speakers like motivational speakers and inspirational speakers?

My question back to them is two fold: First as the founder and president of American Speakers Bureau and second as a speaker who is represented by other bureaus.

Their are at least ten professional competencies I have identified over the last 20 plus years of working in the profession of professional speakers, motivations speakers and public speaking.

Their are at least ten professional competencies I have identified over the last 20 plus years of working in the profession of professional and public speaking.

Professional meeting and event planners, have collectively agreed that a high degree of professionalism, very good deliver, (unique and entertaining) and being relevant for the time and audience, will usually achieve the objectives set forth by the group. However meeting or exceeding the expectations of the group for pubic speakers and professional speakers, seems to be as difficult finding the perfect apple pie recipe just like grandma's!

Here is a link to our American Speakers Bureau web site to guide you in your search for professional speakers, keynote speakers, and motivational speakers.

Click here to review details for what and how to prepare.

· Date and Location: (hotel/training center/your facility or ours?)

· What kind of meeting: (convention, symposium/trade show/annual event/party/banquet)

· How many training slots will you want to fill? (HINT - often times the same speaker can deliver a keynote address and a seminar/workshop for your group. You will save money on travel and expenses.)

· Number of people in the group/audience:

· Demographics: (age/sex/career level/other)

· Preferred topics: (sales/customer service/time management etc.)

· The specific goals and objectives for the meeting: (be as specific as possible)

Well it's a start - have questins about booking professional speakers, keynote speakers, motivatinal speakers and public speakers? Give the experts at American Speakers Bureau a call 407-826-4248 or send us an email

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Booking Professional Speakers - submitted by the EXPERTS

Because it is a holiday weekend, I have seen many old friends and a few distant relatives.

Some of them are doing well, a few are doing great, and some are not doing well. That's putting it mildly. They are overcome by the loss of loved ones and the recent natural disasters in the world.
They are grieving so much; they are missing the beauty around them and the opportunities right in front of them.

I remember a quote from Rose Kennedy, President John Kennedy's mother, who lost her first son Joseph in the war, then her husband, her second son John, and third son Robert, to assassins bullets, and even more unspeakable tragedies with her grandchildren. She said,

"After a natural disaster, like a storm, a hurricane, a flood, or an earthquake, every morning the still birds sing. Why not us?"

We all experience challenges and problems everyday. Some days are better than others.
Some people throw money at problems, others throw resources and yet others waste their health and emotions and grow old before their time.

As a professional speaker, one of my most requested speeches is: Choice, Chance and Change, The challenge For the Future.

In the speech I quote some famous and not so famous people. This is something my grandfather told me almost 50 years ago - it has served me well.

Remember -- it is not the money, it's the ability and the willingness to adapt to change that is the most important asset for the future.


Frank Candy

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Booking Professional Speakers - submitted by the EXPERTS

Booking Professional Speakers -
Submitted By The EXPERTS
In The Business
American Speakers Bureau Corporation®

This great company was started with a dream and faith. The dream that we could carry a message of hope for a better world to millions of people and the faith that we would do it well for a long time.

Since it is Thanksgiving this morning, it feels like the best thing to write is
because our dreams came true.

And to say Thank You to our dear friends, great clients,
joint venture partners, business associates and the hundreds of
outstanding professional speakers, keynote speakers, motivational speakers
and inspirational speakers, who we have had the distinct pleasure to
work with for decades at American Speakers Bureau Corporation®

American Speakers Bureau®
is a Federally Registered and Trademarked company and
member in good standing of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus

Perhaps you will find the time, or resources, to reach out to those good people who are less fortunate than us today. With so many disasters and wars around the world, we all need and want to hear messages from professional speakers, keynote speakers, motivational speakers and inspirational speakers, that can offer hope, understanding, and most of all most of all, love.
Here is one closing statement I have used in hundreds of speeches all over the world.
"We can restore our lives and build opportunities like none before.

All we need to begin with is a dream that we can do better than before.

All we need to have is faith and that dream will come true.

All we need to do is act, and the time for action is NOW!" author unknown

We would be interested in hearing your thoughts and comments, answering your questions and most of all developing a working relationship with you.
Please visit our web site and send us an email through it.
Put the words BLOG QUESTION or BLOG COMMENT in the subject line.

Thank you,

Frank Candy, MBA, CPC
Maximizing your business is our business
CEO, President, American Speakers Bureau Corporation®

Booking many of Americas finest professional speakers
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